Exponentially better people performance

10x Psychology significantly improves people performance in the workplace through insight, science and technology

Exponentially better performance

Organizations can enhance the performance of their people by improving selection, realising their potential and enhancing employee experience and wellbeing. At 10x Psychology we apply technology-based solutions to all of these areas of expertise and more.

We’re pioneering a new approach to workplace psychology

It’s scientifically rigorous, technologically inspiring and goes beyond standard psychometrics into areas such as wellbeing and employee experience. Because we’re pushing boundaries in our field, we’re perfectly equipped to help you do the same in yours.

Industry-leading psychometrics, predictive science, machine learning and data analysis

Our solutions combine industry-leading psychometrics with the latest in predictive science, machine learning and data analysis. Users access data via a real-time dashboard, meaning you can make quick, super-informed talent decisions.

We deliver the very best in people insight to help improve performance and business outcomes.

Nick Shaw, CEO, 10x Psychology

10x Hire

10x Hire®

Ensuring all your hires are fit
for role

When hiring, you need a rigorous tool for assessing personality, motivation and ability. This is it – with superb benchmarking data included.

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10x Optimize

10x Optimize®

Driving performance improvement in existing teams

This solution discovers the behaviours driving performance in your existing teams, including their strengths and areas requiring development.

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10x Predict

10x Predict®

Predicting and improving individual and team performance

This solution uses insights from your existing workforce to develop predictive measurements that enhance your selection, on-boarding and development of talent.

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10x Grad

10x Grad®

Delivering insights into early talent and high-volume roles

A fast, simple and effective way for organisations to assess, filter and select candidates for early talent recruitment and other high-volume roles.

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