At 10x, we encourage our own people to bring their real selves to work.

We invest time and effort in creating an environment in which our teams feel that they can innovate, learn and enjoy themselves. As an organisation that supports best practice in workplace culture, we’ve thought at length about the values we believe in and live by:


We take an innovative approach, creating new solutions that deliver incremental value rather than repurposing existing ones. We are agile and continually evaluate how we work, changing our approach and responding to new situations whenever we find a better solution.


We are focused, striving to overachieve on our goals by working as one team in an effective, solution-oriented way.


We are passionate about disrupting the HR tech landscape and improving the world of work for all. We set stretching goals, aiming for the best outcomes for our clients and our team. We celebrate our successes together and have fun along the way.


We assume positive intent, working honestly and openly as one team.  We trust our colleagues, clients, and partners to deliver on commitments, and respect each person’s contribution to our shared success.

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