We’re all about the seamless combination of technology, scientific rigour and close client collaboration

We are scientifically rigorous

Our assessments are built on extensive research into what drives successful performance in the workplace – from behaviours, skills and competencies through to extrinsic workplace motivators and drivers of employee wellbeing.

Our solutions deliver powerful insights, not just data. The quality of insights improve as the system consistently updates, gathering new information relating to the quality of the hire as it arises.

We are always improving our solutions and are dedicated to ongoing research that will help improve our clients’ decisions and their people’s experience of work.

We are technology-focused

Our use of the latest technology means our clients have easy access to the data needed to make robust and informed decisions regarding talent.

Data insights are shared with clients in real time via an easy-to-use dashboard. All the information we provide is bite-sized and digestible, making it easy to apply to the workplace.

Systems are accessible and easy to integrate. We use the best principles from the SaaS model to ensure that our solutions can be used without significant training.

All client support and best practice collateral is available online 24/7 from the 10x Success Centre. Utilising intelligent automation, the Success Centre efficiently guides users to the appropriate action or article.

We are collaborative

We work closely with our clients, seeing them as members of our extended team. We share our product roadmap with clients and invite contributions to our Advisory Board.

Our 24/7 Online Success Centre provides open access to all relevant best practice documentation, ensuring support for clients throughout their journey.

We are ahead of the curve

By combining the latest psychological theory with new technological approaches, we help you stay one step ahead of the field.

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