Hiring for the Future of Work

The future of work is characterized by uncertainty. Facilitating a proactive and responsive hiring strategy can be complex as short-term business needs supersede potential requirements for upcoming developments that are increasingly ambiguous.

At 10x, we offer a unique solution that facilitates business growth and employee development by enabling employers to hire top talent that fulfill both current and future business requirements, promoting sustained innovation and productivity as well as limiting employee turnover costs.


Facilitating change as a business means embracing a proactive response to channel innovation into productivity and progress.

Hiring at a time of immense social change means that the range of competencies sought after must be directly relevant and reflective of immediate business needs, despite the potential of an imminent transition and alternative requirements emerging.

Balancing this range of immediate and potential business requirements with an overarching theme of uncertainty can result in a dichotomy between short-term, and long-term hires – raising employee turnover rates and overall business costs.

In this article, we present a better way to navigate uncertainty with our Solutions, 10x Hire and 10x Predict, that can enable businesses to hire for now and the future all at once.

Hiring to Reflect Change

Ensuring that hired candidates meet current business requirements is integral for successful integration. However, for employees to successfully thrive and develop in their careers, changes to their roles should match prospective business developments – planning for this successfully as part of a hiring strategy is fully enabled by our Solutions.

Both 10x Hire and 10x Predict use our industry-leading psychometrics to evaluate candidates against current skills needed, as well as prospective future skills, providing a comprehensive and reliable review.

As part of the process, employers can select 5 key competencies that are most in line with immediate business requirements, as well as add additional skills that they would need in future. Our cutting-edge machine-learning algorithms then survey candidates and provide a ranked list of potential employees that sustainably match business requirements, promoting maintained innovation and productivity as well as limiting employee turnover disruption.

All of this information is then brought together in one place – our interactive dashboard.

The dashboard has been designed as user-centric, meaning that it is simple to navigate, visually engaging and most importantly, clear and accessible.

A Considered Approach

In both 10x Hire and 10x Predict, the opportunity to consider competencies that best fit current business requirements as well as future requirements empowers employers to fully conceptualize their business.

Our Solutions encourage employers to match business requirements with key competencies in a simple and supported fashion, with plenty of guidance and insights along the way to promote an effective decision.

Making an Informed Choice

10x Predict simplifies this process further by identifying competency gaps for you.

Instead of comparing candidate results against a norm group, 10x Predict assesses your organization and uses their results as a comparator for candidate data.

This not only enables you to identify and utilize available talent but provides the perfect opportunity to spot missing skill-sets and areas of future development to best equip your business to meet its upcoming goals.

Initiating this journey with our industry-leading psychometric software means harnessing objective data to deliver an objective, representative image of who suits your business both today, and in the future.

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