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10x Psychology showcases latest research on employee engagement at Legalex 2019

26th March 2019

10x Psychology

Insight provides actionable steps for legal professionals to ensure staff wellbeing is a core focus for their firm

10x Psychology, the leading psychometrics and HR analytics provider, is attending Legalex, Europe’s most comprehensive legal exhibition, to discuss the importance that wellness plays in employee engagement in the legal sector.

The event, which takes place on 27th-28th March at the ExceL in London, will see over 3,000 legal professionals come together to discover the latest tools, products, services, resources and innovations that are changing the game in legal business growth and data security.

10x Psychology’s interactive session titled ‘What can personality tell us about employee engagement and wellbeing?’ will see Dr George Margrove and Oliver Anderson discuss how legal firms can help manage the engagement, experience and wellbeing of their staff — even as early as the recruitment stage. Join us at 2pm on 28th March in Theatre 5 to find out more.

We are delighted to be able to share our latest research into this topic and will be detailing the vital part that personality plays in providing practical, actionable insights into managing staff in the workplace.

With wellbeing a key issue for all businesses, organisations are under pressure to showcase a variety of offerings to their staff that can support their individual needs. To tackle this demand effectively, companies need to better understand which initiatives will have the most impact on each individual’s performance, leading to a more successful outcome for every employee and the business as a whole.

Our innovative suite of solutions can support the wellbeing process by providing real-time people insights into both current staff and new recruits, ensuring firms are offering staff the most effective wellbeing programmes and initiatives which will help to boost employee engagement and reduce the risk of burnout.

Oliver Anderson, Research and Development Director at 10x Psychology says:
“The legal sector continues to witness a shift in how firms work with their employees. Wellness and employee engagement are more vital than ever in ensuring that staff are motivated and able to deal with the high stakes and highly pressured environment. To make this happen businesses need to have a deeper understanding of their staff. However, rather than wait for their first day, companies have a huge opportunity to begin understanding their people from the moment they apply to the business.


Wellbeing is no longer an added benefit to the business, but an extension of the employee experience. Through knowing the candidate’s personality, attitudes, motivators and stressors, the business can not only support that employee to achieve their full potential in their role, but also ensure better hiring in the business. Law firms that take this approach will be able to revolutionise their employee engagement, have a far more productive team and be an employer of choice for fresh talent. We hope the attendees at Legalex are just as excited about the range of tools 10x Psychology has developed to support this practice and we look forward to sharing them.”

We would love to catch up with you on stand 671 — please do get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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