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Two out of five graduates don’t feel they have very good mental health, new research finds

11th February 2019

10x Psychology, Dr George Margrove, Principal Psychologist at 10x Psychology

Research from 10x Psychology, the leading psychometrics provider, has today revealed that more than two out of five (44%) of graduates do not feel they have very good mental health. For those seeking employment, working part-time, or still studying, this figure rises to 49%.

The results also showed that 45% of graduates do not have a positive employee experience at work based on their personal enjoyment, enthusiasm, motivation, and job satisfaction. As suicide rates in universities are rising[i] and one in four students suffers from mental health problems[ii], these findings highlight a need for employers to ensure mental wellness is a key priority for graduate employees.

The aim of the study was to investigate the causes and effects of wellbeing amongst graduates in order to help employers best support their staff. The research also determined which workplace aspects had the most significant effect on positive outcomes in different industries, an important factor in helping employers provide support for new staff. It was found that work being interesting and challenging, and feeling valued and recognised were critical across all industries.

Additionally, for those in education and the third/public sectors, making a real difference to the success of the employer was vital; in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, work-life balance was important; feeling part of a team was a priority for those in media and research; and autonomy was of key importance to professional services; finally, for retail it was being able to cope with workload.

Dr George Margrove, Principal Psychologist at 10x Psychology, says:
“Evidence shows that wellbeing is a huge concern in student populations. Employers must therefore make sure they provide healthy environments, good training, and proper support as early as possible to help graduates make the most of such a crucial time in their personal and professional development.

This is especially true of jobs in the retail industry, and for those not on permanent employment contracts. At 10x Psychology, we know the role that a positive culture and work environment can play in helping new employees to settle in, perform well, and flourish. As a result, we’re able to help organisations find and develop people who will help the business thrive.”



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