The latest psychometrics and science, combined

Our solutions combine industry-leading psychometrics with the latest in predictive science, machine learning and data analysis. Users access data via a real-time dashboard, meaning you can make quick, super-informed talent decisions.

Modern, user-centred design

In all of our assessments, questions are clear, concise and use contemporary language and scenarios. Our web interfaces are clean and simple, and offer in-built tip tools and real-time support.

Users can complete assessments and questionnaires on the device of their choice. And of course, each solution is thoroughly compliant with the latest regulations on privacy and data security.

Our technology

Our solutions use a micro-services architecture, deployed in the Microsoft Azure cloud computing environment. This gives the security, scalability and flexibility we need to continuously innovate and enhance our solutions.

We can ingest data from HR and ATS systems, and are adding API integration capabilities. Client data is managed to be compliant with GDPR and each client dataset is safely stored in its own secure location.

10x Hire

10x Hire®

Ensuring all your hires are fit
for role

When hiring, you need a rigorous tool for assessing personality, motivation and ability. This is it – with superb benchmarking data included.

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10x Optimize

10x Optimize®

Driving performance improvement in existing teams

This solution discovers the behaviours driving performance in your existing teams, including their strengths and areas requiring development.

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10x Predict

10x Predict®

Predicting and improving individual and team performance

This solution uses insights from your existing workforce to develop predictive measurements that enhance your selection, on-boarding and development of talent.

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